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This list has been created hoping to inspired more people to get involved with Full Spectrum and Abortion Companionship/Doula care and support and it has also been created in hopes that it gets shared and reaches those folx that might directly benefit from the information. In the future, I hope to create a similar resource list for people going through unexpected birth outcomes (miscarriage, still-birth, neonatal death, etc) and also around birth and post-partum care and support. I do want to acknowledge that some of the resources in this list continue to present abortion as a ‘women’ only issue and sometimes as a ‘hetero’ only issue. Many of us QT*POC Birthworkers and allies are creating and (re)imagining abortion companionship, care and support to ensure that our T*LGBQI are centered in this conversations.  

Organizations that offer counseling and/or practical support

ACCESS Women’s Health Justice (based in Bay Area)

Backline (they provide support for people adopting, having an abortion and parenting)

The National Network of Abortion Funds

Grassroots Collectives, Groups and Organizations that offer resources and Abortion Companionship/Support

Some of the following Full Spectrum and Abortion Support groups might be inactive or taking a break, send them an email and see what they are up to. If you would like to start a group in your city, YOU CAN DO IT!  Also, there might be more collectives out there doing the work. If you would like to add your collective in the list or if you know of other groups doing this work email me to contact@lalobaloca.com to add them.

Full-Spectrum Reproductive Support Network (many of the active Full Spectrum and Abortion Companionship/Doula collectives are part of this network)

California, Bay Area: The Bay Area Doula Project  (they offer Abortion companionships/doula trainings, get at them if you want to start your collective!)


California, Los Angeles: Autonomous Communities for Reproductive and Abortion Support (ACRAS)


Connecticut, Wesleyan University: The Wesleyan Doula Project


Illinois, Chicago: The Chicago Doula Circle


Massachusetts, Boston: The Boston Doula Project


Minnesota, The Spiral Collective


New York, New York: The Doula Project


North Carolina, Asheville Open Umbrella Collective


North Carolina, Piedmont Triad Spectrum Doula Collective


Portland, Oregon Calyx Doulas


Texas Abortion Access (Español e Ingles)


Texas, The Cicada Collective (they offer Abortion companionships/doula trainings, get at them if you want to start your collective!)


Texas, Austin Tre Bridge Collective


Washington, Seattle. Full Spectrum Doulas


Washington, DC, Doulas for Choice Collective


Useful Links

How to star your own full spectrum and/or abortion companionship/doula collective in your area

Abortion Diary Podcast: documentation of abortion stories project

A Guide to Emotional and Spiritual Resolution After an Abortion

Pregnancy Options Workbook

El cuaderno de ejercicios de opciones para ti

Abortion: which method is right for me?

PDFs and workbooks on abortion and post-abortion care in Spanish and english

Herbal Abortion Zine PDF

Not Everyone that as an Abortion is a Women article

Mom, Dad, I’m Pregnant

Fertility Awareness Center Links and Resources

A listing of zines on natural fertility awareness, self-knowledge and herbs. You can find some of those zines in PDFs in the internet

 This is a list that will constantly be expanding and changing, I can think of more PDFs to add, and more links to add but I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. However, I encourage you to send me resources that you have found helpful so I can put them up here, my email is contact@lalobaloca.com. 

-La Loba Loca

Gay.Queer Peruvian Muxer, Coxinera, tumblerista, body-powered tattooist, D.I.Y. fine artist, documentarista, Justicia Reproductiva advocate, Full Spectrum Birthworker and over all interested on autonomous health. If you are looking for birth and full spectrum companionship/doula in central Los Angeles, CA contact me and also check out my earth-loving goodies, reusable pads and chest/breast pads, atlalobaloca.bigcartel.com!

lipstick mesh

lipstick mesh

Oooof, que fuerte! It has taken me literally three weeks to be able to sit down and write about this experience. The first ever QTPOC Birthwork Training was in Seattle this past July, it was a beautiful gathering of souls, it was life affirming, it was fun, it was like being 18-years old again! Lately I have been dealing with the fact that I am growing up, that I am pretty much in my mid-twenties and that it is kind of depressing to ‘grow up’- this gathering was a lot of things but sobre todo refreshing. It made me feel exited once again. I am still trying to figure out teleporting so i can keep building with the people I met in the training.
We had an amazing array of presenters; mothers, students midwife, post-partum companion/doulas, midwives, body workers and straight up bad asses. The folx that got together came from all over the US, from different cultures and backgrounds- knowledge in the room was so RICH. I even got to taste a little bit of a dried placenta and meet two little people being brought up in Queer families! The only way I could describe the whole experience, besides saying that I felt 18-years old again, would be to compare it to the first time I touched a placenta- it was warm and rich with life. 
Here is a sneak peak on what the training covered: language check, de-medicalizing body parts, hirstory of midwives of color, navigating ‘doula’ or companion work as QTPOCs, rebozo skill-share, unexpected birth outcomes, belly binding, post-partum support and healing, chest/breast feeding, break-out sessions on adoption, queer family making, insemination, abortion, Trans* birthwork and much much more!
I am beyond exited to see what comes out of this training, some of us talked about future gatherings in the South next to rivers while skinny dipping and eating fried food. Some of us are dreaming to see this happen in other places and to get more QT*POC folx involved in Full-Spectrum Birthwork. This post es un granito de arena, hoping to inspires more folx to get involve in this work and also to start believing that we can have families too and that we DESERVE to make and create families too. I cannot wait to bring a little baby into this world in a room full of bad ass colorful sea horse and fairy birthworkers throwing glitter around! This training has definitely given me the necessary push to start diving more into birthwork, so if you are in central LA area and looking for a birthworker feel free to contact me through my page! 
Here is an interview with Rafael/a Luna Pizano, one of the brains behind the QTPOC Birthwork Project and also one of the many facilitators of this beautiful soul gathering.
Who is Rafael/a Luna Pizano?
I’m a descendant of Pilipin@, Mexica and mestiz@ blood, walking the red road as a two-spirit/ed child.  I am a bodyworker by trade, artist by night, and dreamer by day. I am passionate about reproductive justice for all genders and bodies, especially for transpeople (i.e. transwomxn, transmxn and gender-fluid folks) and people of color. I really love food, playing capoeira, finding unnatural lipstick colors, dipping my head in the ocean and complaining about how much my cat likes to cuddle.
What does Trans* and Queer BIrthwork mean to you and why do you think it is important to train QTPOC folx as birthworkers?
Trans and Queer birthwork…means that ALL kinds of bodies and genders have great access to reproductive support including full-spectrum pregnancy care. This also means that the folks offering this support to trans and queer folks are of trans and queer communities or have been asked by people from these communities to support them in solidarity.  I feel it’s important to train q/tpoc to become birthworkers because we (q/tpoc) also need reproductive care that’s respectful, culturally-competent and appropriate to our needs.  Who better to support us than folks from our own community?  We need the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to at least provide basic support for each other through all aspects of reproductive health, pregnancy and fertility practices.  I want us to know how to engage with our medical providers (esp if they aren’t q/tpoc) about our reproductive health, armed with more education about our bodies and cycles.  This knowledge of our bodies’ reproductive needs and health is imperative to our survival especially as transpeople because so many medical providers are still ignorant to our existence, let alone our specific healthcare needs.  There is still very little research or data gathering on what is ‘normal’ for transbodies regarding our reproductive cycles and how gender-affirming hormones or surgeries impact this aspect of our lives for the long-term.  By creating more access to reproductive education, I hope that more q/tpoc will not only be able to provide reproductive care for each other, but also begin recording our stories and experiences as part of a collective memory that can teach us about what is common to our experiences as transpeople navigating pregnancy or reproductive shifts.  
How can other QTPOC folx get involved in birthwork? How do they get started?
More q/tpoc can get involved with birthwork by self-educating and reading, connecting with others online (including us at the QTPOC Birthwork Project), listening to their elders and asking questions more specifically related to pregnancy/childbirth (folks might have to ask the questions several times before anyone feels like answering lol), and definitely doing the self-healing work that often comes up when we enter the realm of birthwork on any level.  Taking trainings for doulas/labor companions, connecting with local doula groups or asking birthworkers in the field about entry points to birthwork are a few ways to get started. Unfortunately, most trainings, birthwork networks and providers are of white/cis/hetero/upper-class communities and often do not have the resources or foundations to even begin understanding what an aspiring q/tpoc birthworker may bring into a space.  Q/tpocs will probably wage through the usual mix of righteous rage, trauma, sadness and lack of motivation that occurs when met with the well-intentioned white ladies that often run birth practices in the U.S. (especially up here in the NW).  I suggest that q/tpocs try their best to find poc birthworkers to start and interview them, talk story, get book recommendations, etc. as they begin to travel along a path that has been lonely for q/tpoc and two-spirit/ed folks since ‘colonization.’
What do you envision for QTPOC Birthwork Project? Are there plans of future trainings?
I envision that the Q/TPOC Birthwerq Project will continue to create other workshops, probably smaller in size/duration and topics covered, to focus more on specific aspects of pregnancy, fertility and sexual health as it relates to transpeople and queer folks of color.  I also see gatherings that are more for trans and queer community-members interested in healing around reproductive health, where people can come together and share their fertility and pregnancy experiences/questions/dreams in a safer space and with people that can answer questions or offer resources.  I see these kinds of gatherings especially for transpeople, because I feel that trans folks need some other steps around self-healing before we think about supporting cis-people during pregnancy (i.e. labor companion work) because that is still the majority of who is pregnant.  I hope that we can continue to connect with trans community and meet transwomxn that are interested in birthwork. Because transwomxn are womxn, I want to see my sisters taking up their right to womxn’s legacies of traditional birth practices and support a gathering where other womxn (trans, cis, etc) of color can share basic fertility and pregnancy practices with each other.  I also see a gathering for existing q/tpoc birthworkers to come together and share healing time, feed each other, and nourish our drive for this work because it’s fuckin’ exhausting to be us and struggling for equal reproductive access.  I dream of a men’s pregnancy gathering where all kinds (trans, cis, etc.) of men of color can come together and learn more about the basics of pregnancy, reproductive resources and get comfortable talking about it because men are often part of the birthing equation, but don’t often know how to show up in a helpful way.  I have many more dreams, but I’m more interested in hearing what people from our first workshop are dreaming of now that they’ve had a taste of what birthwork can offer.  I hope that participants from our first workshop will want to create gatherings in their local communities that encourage conversation, skill-sharing and connection necessary to continue the reproductive justice work of our elders in a new way.
Q/TPOC Birthwerq Project email: qtpoc.birth.work@gmail.com
-by La Loba Loca. Gay.Queer Peruvian Muxer, Coxinera, tumblerista, body-powered tattooist, D.I.Y. fine artist, documentarista, Justicia Reproductiva advocate, Full Spectrum Birthworker and over all interested on autonomous health. If you are looking for birth and full spectrum companionship/doula in central Los Angeles, CA contact me and also check out my earth-loving goodies, reusable pads and chest/breast pads, atlalobaloca.bigcartel.com!

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the first day that i started shedding I looked at my fridge and literally most of what I had in the fridge was purple. I cooked a salad with raw carrots, slightly steamed green beans, beets and home sprouted mung beans. I stir fried beet greens, brown rice with coconut oil and brags, then added some left over mushed sweet potato and topped it off with the delicious honey mustad kombucha dressing my boo makes. Y un tesito on the side, freshly picked form my garden tulsi, nettle, alfalfa, huacatay warm tea.

I experience my shedding cycle the way I treat myself during the other days of my cycle and the shedding days. It takes a hell of a lot of time to do self-care and it is very hard to keep up, what do you eat when you are shedding? what little things do you do to improve your cycle experience? what feels good?

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La Loba Loca


Two Spirit Creation Story (Fall 2012)by John Jairo ValenciaInk on paper.explorations of queer place in the world.  how gender could look in the universe and how roles switch.  chaos, unity, formation, purpose.


Two Spirit Creation Story (Fall 2012)
by John Jairo Valencia
Ink on paper.

explorations of queer place in the world.  how gender could look in the universe and how roles switch.  chaos, unity, formation, purpose.


Indigenous activist in Guatemala. His sign reads: “When the government robs, it is business. When Indigenous reclaim, it is violence.”


Indigenous activist in Guatemala. His sign reads: “When the government robs, it is business. When Indigenous reclaim, it is violence.”

(via healthybabypinetree)

i am so ready to leave for the first ever Q/tpoc Birthwerq Project training ever!!! we are here to Queerly Color Birth, Full Spectrum and Reproductive Justice work for ever  I am a couple of hours away from getting on the plane to Seattle and I have been literally sewing moon pads all day long and packing some to take with me to the training… today I realized something tho: the power of VISUALIZATION is amazing. As i was finishing up my latest moon pad design, which I am calling ‘NIGHTIES’ because it is made to ‘hug’ the bootie and increase absorption during the night, I was taken back over a decade ago to my parent’s bathroom all the way in Santiago, Chile. I was in the bathroom sitting down, using my first ever (disposable) pad while my mom was outside the door freaking out telling me that i was now a ‘women’ and bla bla bla bla ‘take care of your ‘womanhood’ bla bla bla all that stupid,senseless, fucked up shit… well in that very moment when i put the pad on I said to myself ‘when i grow up I am going to make a company that makes pads that makes sense, something that ‘hugs’ the booty seems to be a better design that this wingless pads’…. I am by no means making a ‘company’ that makes pads but you get the picture! we are really fucking magical so be careful what you wish for!

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La Loba Loca

i am posting this video because it is beautiful, i am NOT POSTING IT TO PROMOTE CONSUMPTION OF QUINOA OUTSIDE OF THE ANDES. i grew up eating this grain and miss it in my diet but i am not down to buy quinoa from ‘health’ foods in the US of americaca. quinoa prices have gone up so much in the Andes that the very people that grow it and live around it cannot even afford quinoa. fuck the plundering of resources, technologies and foods. 

today i was part of the AMAZING radical youth camp organized by Raices Roots Ridas with the help of tons of other amazing grassroots collectives and rad individuals. Raices Roots is offering a month long radical summer camp where youth of color in L.A are introduced to gardening, biking, healing foods, decolonial teachings, art, indigenous practices, systemic violence, resistance and much more! Folx organizing and volunteering are doing a truly grassroots work to provide REAL education to the seeds that join the camp, doing this together! i had the best time facilitating a skillshare on cycles, transitions, mxnstruation and how to support folx using a rebozo  Raices Roots, volunteers and youth are having a closing ceremony/fundraising in a couple of weeks, here is the FB event! it is inspiring to see how much our community can do/offer when we get our resources together and decide to work towards cultivating the seeds growing in this corrupt and violent concrete city.

La Loba Loca

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oregano! the big leave oregano is a cutting given to me by my Mexican neighbor, the dried oregano is another type of oregano that I have been drying to give to friends and family as presents. plants are the best medicine when you are feeling down, also fuck non-profits…. I am thinking is way better to work for a for-profit cause you know they are pieces of shit but then non-profits try to make you think they give a shit about you. worked in a non-profit for a week an a half then my scoliosis kicked in, i had a major back strain that left me immobile for a whole day i miss two days of work because I am in fucking pain, have to ask for a chair like 3 times to my supervisor and then when i miss work I have the director call me to check in and refer to my pain as a fucking simple ‘back pain’…. over this shit… but at least plants a re cute