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Malogrando el espanol: How to make a gender-neutral, Muxerista and liberatory spanish

Language is a social construct. For reals thought that shit is invented and also carries a long story of KKKolonialism and resistance. For many of us people that grew up in Latino America and went through the western education system, the language teacher at some point told us that whenever there is a group of womxn and only one men, the entire groups needs to be addressed as if it were a group of men. A couple of months ago I was in Chile and a Womxn told me that apparently the people that set rules for spanish grammar and all of that had a *caucus* that ended up dictating that this was no longer truth. As amazing as it might sound, we do not need a groups of people to dictate what is correct or incorrect in the spanish language, WE make the language, the language does not make us. There is also no fucking reason to continue carrying KKKoloniser’s teachings by talking a gendered and machista european language. Peoples have twisted spanish for hundreds of years we need to keep doing that. De-construct that shit and make up words for yourself cause FUK LENGUAje is super powerful and can alter minds. 

I like to fuck with LENGUAje because its rigidity is scary. It is scary that there are so many systems in place that aim to standardized ways to express ourselves. This is not to say that knowing the KKKolonizer’s language is not important, we need to be able to play all games. I have over five years of experience in aKKKademic institutions such as UC Berkeley and now UCLA and I know how to talk that “correct” aKKKademic language if I choose to, which is a privilege no doubt.

Below I list some tips on how to languagefuck so that spanish is more inclusive and honors diversity.

-TO MUXERIAR LENGUAJE you can always talk to groups whether mixed or not using a “feminine” language expression. For example you can say, todas las perras del mundo les gusta que las apapachen. This might not be the best though because gender-neutral, gender-non-conforming and trans folx are not being respected in this generalization. Also it might not be respectful for animals and other beings that do not consensually identify with an gender, personally I love to talk to my puppy and refer to them as gender queer as possible. It depends on the context. Some people choose to be very explicit and name both womxn and men. An example is este mensaje va para todas y todos ustedes. The only problem with this is that it still plays within the gender binary system.

-TO UN-GENDER WHEN WRITING you can use x, e and @ at the endings. In some cases you might need to change more than just the last word though. Also it helps to figure out what words are gender neutral like bebe, infante, inteligente, fuerte, etc. You can make a note and use this words to substitute gendered ones.

EJ: cochina/cochino can be un-gender cochiX, cochinE or cochin@

personally I try not to use the @ method because it connection with the internet freaks me out….

ella/el can be un-gender to elle. Ejemplo: Elle quiere comprar un especulo

-TO UN-GENDER LENGUAJE WHEN TALKING you can use the “e” sound to end words and you can also figure out a way to pronounce words with silent or ambiguous endings.

EJ: este escrito va para todEs aquellEs que quieren cambiar este lenguaje machista

I also figured out a way to pronounce gendered words in funny ways. For example the previous example would sound: este escrito va para tod()s aquell()s que quieren cambiar este lenguaje machista. The sound that I make () is kind of like a slight combination of vowels, you can also practice by taking a breath just as you are about to gender the word. Hard to explain it in words but it would some something like: este escrito va para tod(ae)s aquell(ae)s que quieren cambiar este lenguaje machista.

-PAY ATTENTION TO LANGUAGE INSPIRED BY NON-SPANISH CENTERED MINDS. Por ejemplo de donde yo vengo people use guagua, which is the Aymara word for babies. Ma boo told me that their people in Guatemala use the word Muxe, which would roughly translate to “hey yall!” or “hey guys” in gendered english. Spanish is a limited, kind of horrible language. After all this LENGUAje came to amerikkka through colonization. Most of us know some words in original languages of this continent and some of us might have abuelitas or family members that know how to speak them or at least understand them. Some of us might not even know that the words that we use for certain things have strong roots on non-european languages.

This are only some suggestions, create more and tell me about your findings! Free your LENGUA from the rigid rules. You can twist your tongue and language however you wanna twist it and for whatever reasons you want to twist it. Libera tu lengua, libera tu mente!

by La Loba Loca

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